If You Keep Listening to Shamar radio - WPGR, Eventually You'll be Inspired and Be Connected to God

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Shamar Radio Worldwide is you – and more than a million other listeners each day. Shamar Radio – WPGR,  helps you take the next step in your journey of life by Preserving the word of God to RESHAPE your life.

Shamar Radio is a higher education and Media Ministry, founded by Apostle J. Twene in 2007 during the American, Great recession

to cut across global barriers, cultures and generations, equipping people with the truth of the word of God to RESHAPE lives.


Pride in Each Service


Every dollar you spend on marketing has to work and Radio has the highest return of all media. Now you can easily get your message on air with Shamar Radio – WPGR!

WPGR Studio-Time

Shamar radio – WPGR is a digital Radio station and podcast recording studio. We offer broadcast quality microphones and audio engineers to handle all of the technical aspects of your production. We’ve recorded over 400 shows, are you next?

Audio/voiceover Production

Recording studios don’t just “tape” your performance and then hand over the files. You have the opportunity to work with a sound engineer to mix music with our voiceovers to create a Radio show or podcast, a polished sound for professional use.

Mobile Audio Recording

We can capture your sound from wherever you are. Our highly skilled engineers and producers on a wide range of projects with the Mobile Recording team of engineers will travel to your chosen venue to record your Radio show or podcast from wherever you choose.

The Voice for Kingdom minded People


The Best christian Radio Experience

Shamar Radio – WPGR, an Internationally Syndicated live Christian Inspirational, Motivational and Nurturing Radio produced by Shamar Media.


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